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Confidentiality Matters

How are you being represented? Confidentiality matters can be critical.

The search firm you choose can impact your reputation because they are representing you to the public. You want to work with a firm that is discreet and knowledgeable about your company. Most importantly, you want a search firm that will positively promote your company. At Workforce Search Group, you can be assured that our recruiters will create a positive and accurate image of your company so that the right candidates will surface.

There are times when a search for a candidate cannot be made public. There are times when a company chooses to do a confidential replacement such as replacing an underperformer. In these cases, it is critical to make sure that this candidate search remains the knowledge of just a few key people inside the company. We have years of experience doing confidential searches and understand that this requires a completely different approach. We understand the privileged relationships that we have with our companies and our candidates and are committed to strict confidentiality.


Avoid a compatibility mismatch. The cost of turnover is high.

Some professional and internal recruiters focus solely on the job duties and education. There are criteria way beyond these that should be considered when choosing the best person for a job. In addition to a candidates experience and education, we focus on other criteria such as past accomplishments, the candidates goals, and whether they will work well within the company’s culture. It is critical for the candidate to be compatible to all aspects of the company and the position to ensure a good fit. Our goal is to create a match that lasts.

One Shoe Does Not Fit All

Search Firms have Personalities

We suggest you interview firms you are considering just as you would for selecting any vendor. Services offered, styles of communication, price for service, specialty areas, experience of the recruiters and the level of professionalism will vary greatly. Be sure to work with a recruiter that has all the skills that you will need to fill your key positions.

Our Personality

We love the recruiting business and it shows! You will find that our passion is helping companies get great people and helping great people get satisfying jobs. We value communication as the main tool to build a trusting relationship. Long term relationships are our goal; We are consummate professionals that protect your time as we do our own and will never waste it. We are life-experienced people and you can count on us to provide support way beyond the search process.

Adherence to Strict Ethical Standards

We follow the ethical guidelines as put forth by respected national associations such as the National Association of Personnel Services. But we go way beyond this. We have our own strict ethical guidelines so you can rest assured that we are representing you with the utmost integrity.

Relationships are our lifeblood and our reputation depends on it.