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Recruiters come in many varieties.

There are many types of recruiters available to you, and it is important that you match the right recruiter with the right search. Some companies have corporate recruiters which are an extremely important part of the human resources department. Corporate recruiters work well for filling many positions within a company, but they may not be able to utilize or have the training to utilize the search techniques that third party outside firms use to find quality candidates for certain key positions. These people work in the direct placement business on a contingency basis, charging a fee only if a person referred is hired. There are also agency type recruiters that provide temporary employees for companies and there are still other staffing recruiters that find and place all types of professionals into companies on a contracted basis. Lastly, there are Executive Recruiters who work exclusively on a retained basis being paid upfront and for results while conducting the search to fruition.

Get the experience that matches your situation.

Workforce Search Group is top in the industry and specializes in contingency recruitment services. In addition, our Recruiting Director has executive recruiting experience and will conduct retained searches as necessary. The team at Workforce is fully capable of executing and paying for professional contract personnel as well. Our sister division provides agency services (temps) to a wide variety of industries.

Recruiting talent varies from firm to firm.

When selecting a recruiter for your direct hire professional positions, be sure to work with a company experienced in contingency and retained search. The recruiters at Workforce Search Group have the skill sets and backgrounds in the fields for which they search and this means that they know how to communicate with candidates and know how to determine if they are the best fit for your company. They know and have a passion for their marketplaces. They come to Workforce Search Group with experience in recruiting and they continue to hone their skills to perfection via our continuous improvement performance management system. You can be assured that they come equipped with the instincts and knowledge to make things happen.


Professional Recruiters

Our recruiters have the skills and experience to go way beyond other search firms. We are relentless in staying current and we have a finger on the pulse of our industries. We will work diligently with you and stay focused on finding you the best candidates until the job is done. Our persistence, speed and reliability means you will be very pleased with whom we provide for your key positions.

Partner With Us

Consider us an extension of your HR department. We take the time necessary to fully understand our client companies. With a solid understanding of the company, the product or service offerings and the culture we are able to constantly be on the search for the best potential people for your company. We strive for long term relationships via our performance.

Save Time and Money

Using Workforce Search Group makes good business sense. Hire us before you spend your own time and money on a search that may or may not get filled. Some positions are urgent and productivity losses add up when they remain vacant. We are a valuable resource in saving you money and adding people to your staff that will make a difference to your bottom line.

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Exclusive Search Technique

  • Detailed review of company     and open position
  • Document requirements
  • Create job description
  • Develop screening criteria
  • Expose your opportunity
  • Collect resumes and applications
  • Check references
  • Screen candidates
  • ... and much more!